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Men's Beanie Toque

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Made In Canada | Hand Printed | Free Shipping Over $100

A marled thick knit ribbed hat that can be worn flopped over or rolled up for a more fitted look.

Details & Care

Fabric: 100% Hypoallergenic acrylic.

Care: Machine washable.

Made in Canada.

100% Made in Canada

We produce all of our clothing in Canada, which not only ensures high quality, but also allows us to control the entire production process. Having complete control over our production means that we can test different materials and fits, change designs, and constantly improve our loungewear.

This has led us to the top of the industry in terms of quality and comfort.


True Bamboo Loungewear

Bamboo is already unbelievably soft, and the way we mill it enhances that softness, while also making it stretchy enough to conform to your body and retain its shape. Our loungewear is 93% bamboo and 7% spandex creating the perfect mix of comfort & style.

Our loungewear is the best way to see how truly comfortable bamboo loungewear can be.


The Perfect Blend of Bamboo and Spandex

After our bamboo fabric is knit, we dye, cut, and sew it into our Bamboo Loungewear. We add a small amount of spandex to the fabric to help it retain its shape. The exact amount of spandex added is the result of years of testing to find the perfect balance of softness, shape, and ease of washing (Harris Loungewear and This is J pajamas are washer and dryer friendly!).

Since bamboo fabric is comfortable, practical, and sustainable, it has many benefits to both the wearer and the planet.


Good For You

Bamboo fabric is:

Dry - Bamboo fabric is absorbent and moisture-wicking, so it removes moisture such as sweat from skin and prevents irritation.

Antibacterial - Bacteria struggles to survive in bamboo fabric, so clothing made of the fabric doesn’t smell as much after being worn as other clothing does.

Soft - Bamboo fabric is famously soft and comfortable, making it the ideal material for sleepwear.

Insulating - The material helps keep you cool in the heat, and warm in the cold, so it regulates your temperature better than most other clothing.

Breathable - Even though bamboo insulates well, it allows air through, so it remains light and breathable to prevent the stuffy feeling caused by other pajamas.

Hypoallergenic - Bamboo generally doesn’t aggravate allergies or cause any other kinds of skin irritation as synthetic fibres often do.

Good For the Environment

Bamboo fabric is the most eco-friendly fabric ever because of the following:

- The fastest-growing plant in the world, it yields crops more often than other plants

- It only takes 10% of the land that cotton takes to produce the same volume, and often grows on slopes that aren’t viable for other crops

- Being cut instead of uprooted means that harvesting it doesn’t disturb the soil

- Since rainwater is sufficient to support bamboo’s growth, it thrives without the use of pesticides or fertilizers, and doesn’t require manual irrigation, which saves water


In some cases, being environmentally friendly requires making sacrifices. But considering how comfortable bamboo fabric is, this isn’t one of those cases. It’s a no-brainer. Try bamboo loungewear now and experience the benefits for yourself.

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