A Conversation with Cat & Nat and Jaimie

A Conversation with Cat & Nat and Jaimie

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A Conversation with Cat & Nat and Jaimie

In this special Mother’s Day edition of our Comfort Series, we asked our friends Cat & Nat to come back and chat with our founder, Jaimie Harris about all things motherhood including: why they came together to design the Cat & Nat x This Is J Collection; how they prioritize self-care and wellness as moms and entrepreneurs; and what their ULTIMATE Mother’s Day gift would be. 

We’re so excited to bring you our conversation with Cat & Nat and Jaimie

Cat & Nat Line BreakTell us about the Cat & Nat x This Is J Collection! How did this collaboration come to be??

JH: Cat & Nat had been wearing our Bamboo Jammers for years and were always so supportive of our brand. We would chat online about our shared love of comfort and we bonded over the fact that our little ones refused to wear any other PJs. The collab came to be when our teens started asking about specific styles they wanted to try and patterns they wanted to see in the PJs. The idea of working together on something while also involving our daughters was what got us all very excited.

C&N: We’ve been fans of This Is J for ages. Their Bamboo Jammers have been a staple in our households, so when Jaimie mentioned that her kids were getting involved in the design process, it really sparked something in us. We think what's really special about this collaboration is that it's not just about creating cute pajamas. It's about creating something that reflects our lifestyles as busy moms, while also empowering our daughters to express themselves through fashion.

Cat & Nat x This Is J introduces a brand new style to This Is J’s lineup. Could you share a bit about the inspiration behind the Cat & Nat x This Is J design and pattern, and particularly how these jammers cater to the preferences of both mothers and daughters?

JH: It was all about the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ for our daughters! They wanted to see pinks, pastels and florals and a t-shirt + short set that wasn’t your typical crew neck. We worked together on a brand new style starting with two of our most popular styles - the Henley Top and Tulip Shorts. We reworked them to create a new style with the perfect fit for both moms and daughters.

C&N: The v-neck henley style with the buttons is our favourite. It’s flowy throughout the body with a slight scallop at the bottom hem making it so flattering on every body and the shorts are chef’s kiss! Flowy without being too revealing and that wide waistband gives a no pinch feel so you feel like you aren’t wearing anything! Both our daughters and us agree that this is the most flattering and comfy set of PJs ever!

Why did you want to focus this collection around Mother’s Day?

JH: My kids looove to wear matching PJs! 👯 The comfort of PJs has been such a common bond between my kids and I at every stage of our lives. As babies, spending endless hours together in our Bamboo Jammers during night feeds. And as toddlers, big kids and now a teen, relaxing together at home - so much of our time is spent in comfort together. Cat & Nat have been the mom’s I turned to for a real and relatable perspective on motherhood through my own journey. As women whose identity is so intertwined with our roles as mother’s, it just made sense to involve our kids and share that mother-daughter comfort bond we have with everyone else too.

C&N: Jaimie’s perspective really resonates with us. Our journey as mothers has been intertwined with comfort, especially when it comes to time spent with our kids. As moms whose identities are deeply connected to our roles, focusing this collection around Mother’s Day felt like a natural fit. It’s not just about celebrating motherhood; it’s about sharing that comfort and bond we have with our kids with everyone else.

With a total of 10 kids between you, can you share the importance of self-care as a mother and how does comfort contribute to that?

JH: There is something about shedding the weight of the day as you change into your favourite pair of PJs that just feels so good! It’s the common bond between me and my kids and we all collectively breathe that sigh of comfort and relief together. That small act is an unconscious act of daily self care. Life can sometimes be too busy to prioritize specific self care, but feeling truly comfortable in what you’re wearing is a small way of incorporating it.

C&N: In the whirlwind of motherhood, it's easy to forget about ourselves but it’s not only essential for our well-being but also sets an example for our kids. It's about carving out those moments, even in the midst of our hectic schedules, and prioritizing our own well-being. Because when we take care of ourselves, we're better equipped to take care of those we love.

Cat & Nat + 3 of their 7 children wearing their collab PJs

In those moments when self-doubt creeps in, how do you centre yourself and find balance and peace?

JH: I bring myself back to centre by reminding myself what’s important - health, happiness, family. Putting my phone and work away and really listening to what my kids have to say helps me re-align and re-prioritize. Remembering to see myself how they see me - as a superhero - helps me quiet all the outside noise and remember my purpose.

C&N: Self-doubt is something we've all experienced as mothers. In fact, we started our community because we wanted mom’s to feel less alone in their journey . Showing other moms that we’re all a hot mess sometimes and that’s ok is truly why we’re here!  The most powerful tool we have is definitely each other and we lean on one another for support and encouragement. And let's not forget the importance of laughter! Sometimes, all it takes is a good laugh with our kids to remind us that life is meant to be enjoyed, imperfections and all. So, while self-doubt may rear its ugly head from time to time, we know that with a little reflection, support, and laughter, we can find our way back to centre, ready to tackle whatever motherhood throws our way.

If you had to create a "Mom's Survival Kit" for Mother's Day, what would be its essential items?

JH: My personal survival kit would include: bottomless mimosas, magically appearing hot lattes and a pair of harem pants on all day…and maybe some magic dust to sprinkle over my children to make sure everyone is well behaved. 

C&N: Coffee, candy, wine & noise-cancelling headphones (LOL)

How would you describe your parenting style?

JH: Ever evolving. I don’t want to be a snowplow for my kids, I want to be a guard rail, but every age and stage is so different that my parenting style is constantly evolving alongside them. If I can give them the tools to be emotionally intelligent people I know they will be able to get through anything.

C&N: Let's just say it's a mix of organized chaos and unapologetic love. We believe in embracing the messiness of motherhood, both literally and figuratively, while showering our kids with heaps of laughter and unconditional support. We're all about finding the balance between setting boundaries and letting our kids spread their wings, knowing that sometimes the best memories are made in the messiest moments. So, if you had to put a label on it, we'd say our parenting style is simply "heartfelt chaos."

What advice would you give to other moms on how to celebrate themselves not just on Mother's Day, but every day?

JH: To focus on the small wins. For me it’s always been being comfortable to feel my best. That’s why I make PJs and Loungewear that can be your uniform for everyday life.

C&N: Celebrating ourselves as moms shouldn't just be reserved for one day a year—it should be a daily practice! Our advice? Embrace the little victories. Whether it's navigating the tricky waters of tweenhood with a successful heart-to-heart conversation or simply managing to keep the peace during a sibling squabble, take the time to acknowledge and celebrate those moments of connection and growth. Next, don’t be afraid to ask for help. We started The Common Parent for this exact reason - parenting teens and tweens comes with its own unique set of challenges, and it's okay to reach out for help when you need it. Finally, give yourself grace. You're doing the best you can, and that's something to be celebrated every day.

Jaimie Harris, founder of This is J, cozy in Safari Flower Bamboo Jammers with her mom & kids.

What's the funniest or most embarrassing "mom moment" you've experienced?

JH: When one of my kid stood up at school and said “My mom makes pajamas, so free PJs for everyone!” 

C&N: Where do we even begin?! LOL. We have so many, we’ve written books about them!

And finally, In your opinion, what is the ultimate Mother’s Day gift?

JH: Peace and quiet and PJs of course!

C&N: The ultimate Mother's Day gift is simply the gift of time and appreciation. Whether it's a homemade card, a heartfelt hug, or a few moments of peace and quiet to enjoy a cup of coffee in bed, snuggled up in matching jammers, it's those little gestures of love and gratitude that mean the most to us as moms. Of course, a day off from cooking and cleaning wouldn't hurt either!

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