Our Patterns

There is something about patterned pajamas that reminds us of our childhood. We try to instill a bit of that care-free comfort and joy with our fun, playful fabric patterns.

Fair Isle

Known for its warmth and coziness, our Fair Isle is a hand-illustrated version of a classic and timeless design that will add a touch of tradition, color, and charm to your nighttime routine.


An intricate interplay of lines and hues that create a classic pattern that mixes timeless tradition with modern family matching goals, crafting a seasonal delight perfect for staying in together, a coordinated family greeting card and year-round lounging.


Evoking the serene beauty of Nordic winters, this pattern pulls together hand-sketched Nordic designs that draw inspiration from winter landscapes and holiday motifs. You can feel the flow of  tradition, warmth and celebration in this eclectic pattern ensuring families feel connected, stylish and snug during their cherished moments together.


Imagine snow-covered pines gently swaying in the wind and the warmth of a crackling fire calling you indoors. This is the inspiration for our cozy plaid - blending Canadiana with the feel of the great outdoors. The embodiment of cold weather comfort and holiday spirit.