Our Patterns

There is something about patterned pajamas that reminds us of our childhood. We try to instill a bit of that care-free comfort and joy with our fun, playful fabric patterns.

Tie Dye

Bring to life the essence of sun-soaked days and balmy summer nights, perfect for remaining in blissful relaxation.

Sketch Flower

Capturing the nostalgic charm of handcrafted embroidery. Sketched lines mimic needle stitches adding depth and dimension to each hand drawn flower.

Cat & Nat x This is J

A soft & pretty toile vintage floral pattern in vibrant pink hues. This pattern embodies the preppy style and clean girl aesthetic that both moms, teens & kids can get cozy in together.

Emmy Flower

Hello again, Emmy Flower! This pattern remains one of our most loved and sought after florals for its whimsical illustration, soft floral details and tranquil design. Experience the comfort of Emmy Flower in two new colourways.

Safari Flower

A vintage This is J print, originally drawn in 2010 combining floral sketches from travels abroad to create a delicate, free flowing, hand-sketched flower compilation. The soft lines of leaves and thorns anchor the design while spontaneous bold pops colour create whimsy - both working together in a delicate and harmonious way.

Ikat Marks

A hand-sketched pattern born from yarn dyed techniques, Ikat Marks blends artistry and tradition to create a bold statement. With distinctive brush marks that layer seamlessly, it introduces a dynamic texture that captivates and beckons to be touched. The use of contrasting colours heightens the pattern’s vibrancy and infuses it with a modern edge. Guaranteed to brighten any bedtime ensemble!

70s Flower

Groove into comfort with this 70s inspired retro flower print. Bold pops of colour grounded against contrasting fabric choices are reminiscent of lazy Sundays lying around the house while listening to your favourite record on repeat.