Q & A with Ali Budd

Q & A with Ali Budd

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Q & A with Ali Budd

Ali Budd

Ali Budd is the President and Creative Director of Ali Budd Interiors, an award-winning Toronto-based boutique design firm. The firm specializes in luxe residential design projects across North America (and beyond) with highly acclaimed projects in Toronto, New York, Florida, Washington D.C., and Costa Rica, just to name a few. 

Ali Budd Interiors has worked on multi-million dollar projects with professional athletes and influential business leaders garnering her and her firm international recognition. She is one of today’s “must-have” interior designers with her work featured in Vogue, ELLE Décor, House & Home, Domino, Architectural Digest and more! 

In 2023, House of Ali premiered in the US which follows Ali and her team as they pull back the curtain to reveal the décor and drama behind the million-dollar renovations that have put her on the map. House of Ali premieres in Canada in Fall, 2024.

We’re so excited to bring you our Q & A with Ali Budd!

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First things first - huge congrats on House of Ali! We're so excited to finally see the show when it hits our screens here in Canada next year! Tell us about the show and what your favourite (and least favourite) thing was about the filming process...

It was such a whirlwind. I am truly so proud of my team for working with me through all of the ups and downs that came with it. My favourite part (of course) is being able to design and reveal such amazing homes. Travelling to Italy with my team and going to Salone was a highlight. We had such an amazing time and made memories that will last forever.

With that being said, the hardest part for me was managing every aspect of my business while trying to make sure we were creating an amazing show. Just because we’re filming doesn’t mean that life stops. However, we made it work and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Walk us through your career path a little - have you always wanted to work in interior design? 

I grew up in a very creative family. I loved re-organizing spaces from a young age. I decided to take a risk and go to design school after completing my BA and have never looked back. This has truly been my passion in life for as long as I can remember.

At this point, we imagine, as a business, you must have a whole host of requests for your expertise. How does your team select the projects and people you choose to work with?

We are very lucky to be busy and have continuous work. We typically will send potential clients a general Q&A about their project which is a great starting point. We want to work with clients that feel they align with our team and vice versa, at the end of the day, this is the place they will call home and it needs to be right for them.

We LOVE the Ali Budd Interiors IG account. You are all too funny! How has social media played a part in the success of your brand and business?

I have worked really hard on making our Instagram as authentic as possible. A lot more work goes into it than most people expect. It is so prevalent in the world now so it has become an integral part of the business. We have a team group chat where we all send content in from site visits and/or inspiration images which gives us continuous content.

Ali Budd Interiors Projects
Ali Budd Interiors featured projects

We’re super appreciative of your ability to glam it up but we also love to see you dress it down. Sweats to the office? Yes please. As comfort afficionados ourselves, we’re curious to know, what does comfort mean to you?

I want to feel really cozy but not look schleppy - Quiet Luxury.

With three small kiddos, a thriving biz and now, a TV show(!), how do you balance the always evasive, sought after work/life “balance” or is it all a lie?

I mean does anyone really have complete balance in life? I think we do it pretty well. Having such an amazing, support system and network around me has been a blessing. We lean on each other when needed and my staff know that my kids are my number 1 priority always. When I go on trips away, I always make a point to take time to be with my family and see my kids.

How did you discover This Is J?!

I’ve known Jaimie for a very long time, and I knew when she launched This Is J that it wouldn’t be anything less than amazing.

How do you unwind and relax after a long day or a busy week? Take us through your routine.

Bra off, pjs on, face mask, bun up, glass of wine in hand and on the couch.

Ali Budd in This Is J Sleepwear

Ali Budd wearing This Is J

Why do you love This Is J jammers? And what’s your favourite style?

I’ve been living in the Relaxed Long Sleeve Top + Harem Pant. They don’t look like pajamas so if I need to run out of the house I could throw on a jacket and pair of boots and still look like I have myself put together.

You’re known for creating jaw-dropping-beautiful spaces - including bedrooms. What are your must-haves when it comes to your own sleep space?

My first must have is incredible linens. We love Linen Reform. We put them in all of our projects, and I wouldn’t put something in a clients house that I wouldn’t use in my own. Next would be my silk eye mask and a giant water beside the bed.

Tell us your favourite relaxation ritual in your This Is J PJs.

Movie marathon or an amazing series once the kids go to bed with my husband...or scrolling Pinterest for inspiration.

You’re always on the go and traveling a lot for work. How do you make sure you stay comfortable when you travel and are there any self-care rituals you have picked up along the way?

Always bring something comfortable to wear when I get there. Also, just because you think you booked a day trip, doesn’t mean your flight won’t get cancelled… speaking from experience. Honestly my This Is J Pajamas saved me when we got stuck in New York a few months ago. I just threw them in my bag and I ended up needing them when we inevitably had to stay the night.

Finally, as we kick off the new year, what are your predictions for what’s going to be red hot in the world of interior design for 2024?

Maximalism – I think we’ve seen minimalism for so long and I think people are moving away from it. Also, the classics never go out of style so were bringing it in with accessories and artistic touches.

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