Q & A with Jamie Greenberg

Q & A with Jamie Greenberg

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Q & A with Jamie Greenberg

Jamie Greenberg Makeup

With a witty, vivacious, and imaginative approach to her craft, Los Angeles-based Jamie Greenberg has become a sought-after celebrity makeup artist and a prominent figure in the beauty industry. She is not only an artist but also the founder and CEO of JamieMakeup - a flourishing beauty brand that's gaining significant attention - and, she’s a wife and mother of three.

Jamie's impressive clientele includes well-known actresses like Kaley Cuoco, Rashida Jones, Kristen Stewart, Lizzy Caplan, Chelsea Handler, Tracee Ellis Ross, Judith Light, and acclaimed musicians such as Sara Bareilles and Alanis Morissette. She's not just an artist; she's also a social media sensation, connecting with her audience on TikTok and Instagram with an authenticity rarely found in the industry.

You'll spot Jamie's work on red carpets, in advertisements, and throughout the entertainment world, often gracing the pages of prestigious magazines and digital editorials, including Allure, Esquire, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, People, US Weekly, and Vogue. She's also a familiar face on TV, making appearances on E! Television, Access Hollywood, Good Day LA, Good Morning America, and The Today Show.

As an artist, Jamie is forever in search of new inspiration, drawing from her love for travel, fashion, music, and health. She approaches every project with warmth and enthusiasm, infusing it with her playful and optimistic sense of beauty. 

We’re so excited to bring you our Q & A with Jamie Greenberg!

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You've had the opportunity to work with so many celebs and create stunning looks. Can you share one of your most memorable experiences while working with a high-profile client?

The first time my client, Kaley Cuoco, hosted the People's Choice Awards. It was such a big event and it was so exciting because she changed her hair and make up throughout the show. It was just a very exhilarating moment where I had felt that I had made it.

In addition to your work as a makeup artist and beauty influencer, what inspired you to start your brand, JamieMakeup, and what sets it apart from other beauty brands?

My husband really encouraged me to follow my dreams and create my own line. What sticks out is the personality and functionality of the line. Everything is multi use and good for you. It will also make you smile.

The beauty industry is constantly evolving. How do you stay updated on the latest trends and technologies in makeup and skincare?

Luckily, because of my job and presence on social media I’m sent pretty much everything that comes out and I consider myself a scientist in some aspect because I’m always trying new products.

What do you consider your signature makeup style or technique, and how has it evolved over the years?

I’ve always been known for my eyes and my glow cheeks. That’s why I created the Blighlighter. I love a healthy clean aesthetic.

Jamie Makeup

We LOVE your social!! It feels like you have boundless enthusiasm! What fuels the creative inspiration for your content and does it help you maintain your passion for your work?

I’ve always loved speaking to people. I know that’s a weird thing to admit because most people have a fear of speaking in front of people, but I actually really like it. So once I started to connect with people on social, it became really fun. It’s fun to give advice and help people uplift their beauty routine and their life in general. I learn things every day from social and it’s fun to create. My community inspires me and we work really well together.

Can you offer any insights or tips for individuals looking to enhance their makeup skills at home and what are some of your must-have makeup products in your personal kit?

I always recommend trying new things. I grew up finding out trends through magazine so it was really hard to develop a skill. But now you have YouTube, all the social media channels, and you can really experiment. You just can’t be scared to try something new. There’s so many good products, obviously all of Jamie Makeup is a must. I love Pur foundation, Thrive mascara, Essence eye pencils, Mac eyeshadows, Chanel lipsticks, Tom Ford lipgloss, NYX brow gel, and the list could go on and on.

Get unready with us: what's your one tip for feeling confident even when you've undone yourself for the day and are kicking it au naturel?

Honestly, if I get a quick workout in, even if it’s short and sweet, I feel more confident and happier.

What's your This is J PJ style of choice and when was the last time you stayed in Jammers all day (AKA had the best day ever)?

Your amazing Henley Harem tie-dye pajamas that I literally could wear every day if it was acceptable. They are so comfortable and I sleep hot - like I sweat when I sleep -  and I don’t with these. They’re soft and magical and my kids love theirs as well!


As comfort lovers, we're curious to know: what does comfort mean to you?

I like everything a little bit loose except my bracelets. Lol. I also like it clean. So I love a clean loose garment LOL

We know that you share our love of Bamboo Jammers! What makes them your go-to PJs?

They actually help me fall asleep. Because they’re so cozy and comfortable I just feel at ease in them and they look really good too. Many times you can wear pajamas and they just totally don’t accentuate your body in the right way and these make me feel fabulous.

Finally, what message or piece of advice would you like to share with aspiring makeup artists who look up to your career?

Absolutely stay true to yourself and your personality. There is no one like you so don’t try to fit in or copy vibes. Just be yourself and you will attract all the right people that are meant for you.


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