Q & A with Meredith Shaw

Q & A with Meredith Shaw

Q & A with Meredith Shaw

Meredith Shaw

Meredith Shaw embodies a powerful blend of self-assuredness, elegance, and empowerment. In her brand new role as the co-host of Breakfast Television, she awakens the nation with her distinctive combination of humour, affability, and a striking sense of fashion. Prior to this, Meredith cultivated a dedicated fan base as an advocate for inclusive style and as a co-host on prominent television shows such as CTV's The Social, Your Morning, ETalk, and The Marilyn Denis Show. In collaboration with her fiance, Chef Rodney Bowers, she also brought her culinary expertise to viewers as co-host of CTV's Double Your Dish. Beyond her television career, Meredith's multifaceted talent extends to the airwaves, where she previously helmed the afternoon drive on CHUM 104.5 and iHeartRadio. Her syndicated weekend show, The Back In The Day Brunch, has consistently claimed the #1 spot, cementing her reputation as a broadcasting luminary.

A firm fixture in Canada’s modelling scene, she’s booked campaigns for many top brands, including Hudson’s Bay, Penningtons, Walmart, and Eloquii. She has also graced magazine covers, including Canada’s curvy fashion bible, Dare Magazine; appeared in the pages of Vogue; walked Toronto Fashion Week’s runways countless times; and worked alongside global supermodels such as Ashley Graham. 

At the heart of everything she does, Meredith is fiercely passionate about inspiring and motivating people of all sizes to embrace their power and feel sexy, confident, and fabulous in their own skin.

We’re so excited to bring you our Q & A with Meredith Shaw!

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Our HEARTFELT congrats on your new role as co-host of Breakfast Television! What excites you the most about being a part of the Breakfast Television team and waking up the country each morning?

This job truly is a dream come true. Ultimately, my career has always been about connection and there is no show in the country with a greater connection to its audience than Breakfast Television. I have been overwhelmed by the support so far and legit bounce out of bed when my alarm goes off at 4am (yup, I mean it!). My co-host Sid Seixeiro is the best in the biz and the minute I met him I felt that chemistry spark. The fun has just begun!

Breakfast Television is known for its engaging and diverse content. What can viewers expect from the show with you as a co-host, and what topics are you particularly excited to explore?

At its heart, BT is about honesty,  it’s about informing, entertaining, and reflecting the conversations people are having - the good, the tough, the truth. I’m excited to tell the stories of the people in this country, to shine a light on those that may feel unseen, to create a safe space of representation and inclusivity. And girrrrrl, there will be FASHION.

In addition to your TV career, you've had a successful radio career as well. How has your experience in radio influenced your approach to hosting television shows?

I have such respect for the medium of radio and for the hosts who do it well. Radio requires you to be comfortable live, to understand timing, pace and tone. It has been here longer and despite massive leaps in technology, its popularity remains. I’m so proud to have my roots in radio and rely on them constantly as I navigate my career in television.

You're known for your distinctive style. How do you approach fashion and style, and how does comfort play a role in guiding your styling decisions?

Style is access to the possibility of who you are. That is why inclusivity is so important to me bc that possibility belongs to everyBODY. I absolutely want to be comfortable but that isn’t always the number one requirement of an outfit - if you know what i mean. Some outfits I don’t sit down in LOL but oooh she looked good standing up for the photo!


Not only are you a TV personality; you also have a passion for cooking. What inspired you to explore the culinary world and do you have a favourite dish you love to prepare?

TBH I have a passion for Chef Rodney Bowers - he does the cooking. My spot is with a glass of wine sitting at the kitchen island catching up on the day while watching him in awe whip up something delicious. I’m not gonna lie, marrying a Chef is a GREAT life hack.

Can you tell us about any charitable causes or community initiatives you're passionate about and actively involved in?

I have a passion for fostering confidence in women and girls so a lot of my time over the years has been dedicated to groups like Shoppers LOVE YOU Run For Women, Girls Inc and Native Child and Family Services.

What's your one tip for feeling confident even when you've undone yourself for the day and are kicking it au naturel?!

Confidence comes from within so it doesn’t matter how you’re put together you can call upon your confidence like a muscle. Muscles build through tears, so every time you have a tough day/moment with your confidence and you follow through anyway, consider that a tear and the next time you need that confidence muscle, it will be stronger, and stronger.

What's your This is J PJ style of choice and when was the last time you stayed in Jammers all day (AKA had the best day ever)?

I was a henley top/harem pant girlie until I tried the CAFTAN - omgggeeee the best thing I can put on my body - ever. My life is a hectic one at the moment so I haven’t done a PJ all day in a while…but I have one planned very soon and I can’t wait. Bra? We don’t know her LOL.

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As comfort lovers, we're curious to know: what does comfort mean to you?

Comfort to me means grace, love, safety and nostalgia. Comfort is a privilege and I don’t ever take it for granted.

We know that you share our love of Bamboo Jammers! How did you discover This is J?

I discovered This is J through a lovely package being sent my way (a big perk of my job) I put them on and immediately sent the brand a note and put them on my Holiday Gift Guide for The Marilyn Denis Show. There is no better PJs on the market and they are not only my go to wear but now my go to gift.

Finally, what message or piece of advice would you like to share with aspiring TV personalities who look up to your career?

Take your time, I know it feels like you want things to happen NOW but timing is everything and you want to be ready when opportunity knocks. So learn as much as you can, get comfortable with who you are, create support for others in your industry and put your hand up. Oh, and i’m always just a DM away so reach out to me anytime. I’m here for ya!


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