Earn Comfort Cash on qualifying purchases during a specified time period.
Redeem Comfort Cash as This is J dollars during the specified redemption period.

What is Comfort Cash?
Comfort Cash is This is J dollars that customers can earn during qualifying sales to be redeemed on a future This is J purchase. 

How do I earn Comfort Cash?
Purchase on thisisj.com and earn the corresponding Comfort Cash amount on qualifying purchases.

*All tiers are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

How will I receive my Comfort Cash?
Comfort Cash will be sent by email following a qualifying transaction once your order has been shipped from our warehouse.

How can I redeem my Comfort Cash?
During the specified redemption period. You will be able to use your Comfort Cash by inputting your unique code in the Discount section of our checkout.

Can I combine Comfort Cash with other discounts?
No, Comfort Cash cannot be combined with any discounts or Comfort Club points. You can also only redeem one Comfort Cash coupon per transaction.

Can I split my Comfort Cash into multiple transactions?
No. Comfort Cash coupons can only be applied once. This means that if you complete a purchase of lesser value then you are forfeiting any remaining Comfort Cash on that specific coupon.

What if I need to return my purchase?
If you return any items that have earned Comfort Cash, your Comfort Cash coupon will be disabled. However, if your Comfort Cash coupon has been used on another purchase, we will deduct that value from your refunded amount.

If you need to return any items purchased in partial or in full with Comfort Cash, we will not refund the value of Comfort Cash used. 


  • Comfort Cash coupons cannot be applied to previous purchases.
  • Comfort Cash coupons are non-transferable.
  • Any unused Comfort Cash after the specified redemption period will be deemed forfeited.