Our ongoing journey toward plastic-free packaging has led us to think outside the box for more sustainable solutions.

The evolution of our online presence has been such a blessing for connecting with new customers and bringing our Canadian made goods into the hands of people all over the world. With that reach has come a shift in how we package, store and transport our goods to get safely to our customers, no matter where you are.

Our approach to packaging:

We look at it holistically taking into consideration the many touch points our packaging goes through, its lifecycle from where it starts from to where it ends up and how it can be re-purposed or enter into a new lifecycle once it reaches you.

Since there is no one perfect solution, we use many for different applications with the goal of creating packaging that best suits our products, logistics, company, the environment, and you.

Our packaging:

FSC Certified boxes: Made from FSC certified recycled material, these boxes have already gone through a previous life cycle before the material they are made from was repurposed into our boxes. Recycle them, and the process will continue over and over again. We work with a local Canadian manufacturer to design and produce all these boxes.

Drawstring Bags: Made from 100% cotton, these re-usable drawstring bags can be re-purposed for storage, travel, organization, and groceries. We work with a local Canadian manufacturer to print and sew these bags.

Translucent Paper Bags: Moisture proof, made from recycled paper and curb-side recyclable, our translucent paper bags offer a closed loop packaging solution.

Compostable Bags: Made from plants, not plastic, these biodegradable and home compostable bags return to the earth within 6 months.


Just as technology and advancements in packaging are forever changing, so is our commitment to continuing to learn, evolve and offer more sustainable solutions.